We offer all services in domestic and international transport and forwarding, especially:

  • transport with controlled temperature (from -30°C to 30°C )
  • transport with two different temperatures in one trailer ( cooled and frozen foods together)
  • transport of foods and other goods
  • transport in two storied trailers (66 EURO palettes )

Our trucks are equipped with:

  • monitoring system
  • 33 EUR palettes for replacement
  • strutting bars for protecting the cargo
  • digital thermometer for checking the temperature of the cargo

In the event of  necessity we use services of other hauliers which we choose carefully according to references and longterm experiences, which meet our required standards.

Sídlo firmy:
ŠTORK transport s.r.o.
Hoděšovice 143
534 01 Holice

ŠTORK transport s.r.o.
Pouchovská 440/54
500 03 Hradec Králové

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